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What is a typical session like?

What can I purchase?

"I didn't even think I would want an album (haha just the digitals) but now that my son is off at college, it's my absolute favorite thing from the session. I look at it all the time."

When should I book my session?


Get your copy of our 

A session with us is so much more than just creating digital images.
                        So. So. SOOOO. Much. More.

It’s a seriously epic unforgettable senior year CORE memory before you head into your next adventure.

Boring blah photos that look the same as everyone else’s?!?! Uhmm... No thanks! Those don’t even begin to do you justice. Tara does a custom session just for you in locations that are legit for your outfits. She has a way of capturing 100% authentic natural images of you and your vibe.

Yes, of course, we will get the smiles mom, grandma & the Rush committee love, plus alllllll the insta-worthy shots that you really want for #seniorsunday.


I'm excited and have allllll the questions...

"i chose taraloo because she only photographs seniors so i knew she would "get me" and what i wanted. but my mom said thanks for squeezing the quick family photo in for her during my session."

- layla T.

The Session:

Our sessions are in all types of locations around town, last up to 2.5 hours and typically have 4-6 outfit changes. We  help you come up with outfits that give lots of variety to your album. We plan these and your dream location a few months before your session. Within a week after your session, Tara will meet with you to help select your favorite images and choose the best Album Collection for you. 

In order to reserve a date in our calendar, we require a $600 retainer. This includes a $100 Session Fee and a $500 TARALOO Gift Card. You will need to add 2 more payments of $500 to your Gift Card prior to your Session Day. This will prepay for our Base Collection. When we meet to select favorites after your Session, we will build upon this Base Collection to create the perfect Collection for you.

If you would like to share a session with your BFF or twin, email us for details.



The Investment

We offer perfectly bundled Collections beginning at $1500. Just as our sessions are totally custom, so are our Collections. Each of them include various options to build the perfect Collection for your needs - digital files only, digitals + an album, digitals + prints. Of course our favorite option is our Modern Senior Albums. (The little vid below shows a 10x10 with 2 - 5x5 gift add-ons)

BASE COLLECTION:          +1000



"Man, I had no idea how busy senior year was going to get!!  Thank you for telling me to do my session early!!"

When should I book my session?

Everyone always asks when when WHEN?!?!? should I book my session... Thankfully in Texas we have the luxury of being able to shoot year-round, if we need to!  But my advice is to book your senior session as early as you can. Your Senior year will get crazy busy, not to mention Tara limits the number of sessions she does each year in order to give each of her clients an epic experience.

Reserve your spot ASAP because she really wants to meet you!




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We absolutely adore our clients which means we *of course* love all of their friends! So, thank you for always sharing the love and sending your peeps to us when they hit their senior year... it truly means the world to us!!

Let's create something amazing together.

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